If you 're a Culture Interested you're in the Right city.
Santiago de Chile offers you many options Cultural para know.
Here we had information about :


Centro Arte Alameda

El Centro Arte Alameda generates and promotes opportunities for the progress of art and national and international culture, contributing to the development of Chile. Promotes civic culture and community participation.

Museum of Fine Arts

This Museum is one of the main centers of diffusion of arts in Chile. It occupies a stately presence in the area of Forest Park, in the municipality of Santiago, near the Forest Inn. It has an artistic heritage consists of more than 3000 pieces. Here you will find one of the most important Chilean sculpture selection in the country and the second collection of national paintings after the Casa del Arte.

Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral

This cultural center is focused on delivering access to culture and the formation of audiences. Spread the creations of theater, dance, classical and popular music as well as visual arts. It is a meeting place that specializes in arts and music. Created with the aim of articulating content, culture and experiences from its headquarters in the heart of Santiago.

Museum of Memory

This museum and a space dedicated to raising awareness of human rights violations committed by the state of Chile between 1973 and 1990 . was built to dignify the victims and their families; and stimulate reflection and discussion on the importance of respect and tolerance for these events are never repeated .